Measurement moves missions.

We help you gather and use the right data to change actions, outcomes and lives.

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We partner with clients to use measurement to change actions, outcomes, and lives.

Our clients advance their missions by focusing on their highest impact performance metrics.

Impact Evaluation

and Planning

We design and conduct program evaluations, assessments, and data-driven action plans.

Our clients quantify unmet needs, tap into new efficiencies, and communicate their impact.



We build high-performing teams with our assessments, workshops and coaching.

Our clients achieve desired results by aligning their mission, culture, and measures.

Data-driven change is not, as many have long thought, a way to make the social sector more like the business sector. Quite the contrary—Impact & Excellence is a manual for using measurement to capture the strengths of mission­-driven organizations, allowing us to do even more good in the communities we serve.

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JULY 15 WEBINAR: Thrive, Don’t Just Survive COVID-19

Join us on July 15, at 2:30 p.m. (Eastern Time), for “Thrive, Don’t Just Survive COVID-19.” In this webinar, Sheri Chaney Jones, president of SureImpact and Measurement Resources, will share six steps for moving the needle and becoming an impact-centric organization, in spite of COVID-19.

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