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Equitas Health logo

Equitas Health

Client Case Study “Taking a data-driven approach provided even more opportunities for [leadership] to further examine new, innovative ways and areas that they could apply resources to help accelerate positive change.” Kelly Wesp, PhD Director of Quality and Evaluation, Equitas Health Equitas Health Selects Measurement Resources to Measure Cultural Change and Patient Outcomes In early

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Americans for the Arts logo

Americans for the Arts

Client Case Study “The thing I’ve felt most empowered by through our work with Measurement Resources, has been the realization that all of it is doable. It’s not out of reach. It feels and sounds so big, but what you get back makes it doable.” Ruby Lopez Harper Vice President, Equity and Local Arts Engagement,

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Client Case Study “It’s critical for social enterprises to clearly communicate their social impact—not only for the purpose of transparency, but so that they can also leverage that market differentiation through their sales and marketing efforts.” Allen Proctor President & CEO, SocialVentures When Allen Proctor, president & CEO of SocialVentures, and Sheri Chaney Jones, president &

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Healing Broken Circles logo

Healing Broken Circles

Client Case Study “Measurement Resources advised us on how to frame the questions, so that we could drill down to the information we needed.” Kendra Hovey Executive Director, Healing Broken Circles, Inc. Subject to Change: Healing Broken Circles Empowers Inmates’ Transformation from the Inside Out For more than 15 years, Healing Broken Circles has operated

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Center of Hope Family Services

Client Case Study “I appreciated Measurement Resources’ willingness to dig into the data and use that data to answer real questions. There are so many indicators of well-being and Measurement Resources selected the indicators that were most relevant to our clients. Their commitment to this important work helps empower communities to make better decisions. And

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Arts Council of Hillsborough County logo

Arts Council of Hillsborough County

Client Case Study “The Measurement Framework is built into the strategic plan, so the two are aligned. This is truly the best of both worlds—strategy and measurement working together.” Martine Collier Executive Director, Arts Council of Hillsborough County How the Arts Council of Hillsborough County is Leading the Way Through Measurement Strategy and Measurement Framework

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Logo for Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio

Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio

Client Case Study “I’m excited to report that we’ve made significant progress in all three of our priority areas. It has really helped to have a strategic plan in place to guide all of our activities.” Jennifer L. Seifert, MS, RPh Executive Director, Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio Selects Measurement

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Logo for South Side Thrive Collaborative

South Side Thrive Collaborative

Client Case Study “SSTC has been the backbone for creating common goals, so that everyone is working from the same plan to enhance the coordination of services, so that residents can take advantage of resources they need.” Sarah Lenkay Program Director, South Side Thrive Collaborative (through Nationwide Children’s Hospital) South Side Thrive Collaborative: Collective Impact

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Logo of Columbus Children's Choir

Columbus Children’s Choir

Client Case Study “I can’t imagine implementing these programs without outside evaluation, and I have total trust in the work that MRC does. It keeps us honest, adds to our credibility, and it gives us the ability to self-reflect and to grow these programs.” Kerry Haberkern Managing Director, Columbus Children’s Choir Columbus Children’s Choir and

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VSA Ohio (now Art Possible Ohio)

Client Case Study VSA Ohio (now Art Possible Ohio) retained Measurement Resources to examine the impact of its Adaption, Integration, and the Arts (AIA) program. AIA partners teaching artists and educators in inclusive classrooms to enhance teaching and learning through an arts-integrated residency and curriculum. VSA Ohio’s Adaption, Integration, and the Arts Program Identifies Indicators

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Ohio Department of Health Ryan White Part B HIV/AIDS

Client Case Study The Ohio Department of Health (ODH), Bureau of Health Services, HIV Care Services section, engaged Measurement Resources to conduct a needs assessment to uncover the experience of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and to identify solutions to increase the rates of PLWHA engaging and remaining in care. Measurement Resources provides program evaluation

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Logo for The Matriots PAC

The Matriots PAC

Client Case Study “Not only did Measurement Resources have the expertise we needed, there was clear alignment between our organizations in terms of shared values and mission.” Elissa Schneider Executive Director, The Matriots PAC Matriots Selects Woman-owned Business to Conduct Research on Women in Ohio Elected Office In December 2018, The Matriots PAC released a

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Knox County Health Department

Client Case Study “What I’m most proud of, is the affirmation that our coalition members and the community’s overall understanding of what we’re collectively trying to achieve, to make significant and lasting change possible.” Ashley Phillips Program Coordinator, Drug Free Communities (DFC) Grant Coordinator, Knox County Health Department Measurement Resources Provides External Evaluation to Knox

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Client Case Study It’s critical for social enterprises to clearly communicate their social impact—not only for the purpose of transparency, but so that they can also leverage that market differentiation through their sales and marketing efforts. Allen Proctor President & CEO, SocialVentures MRC Measures Performance of New Programs From 2015–2017, YMCA Childcare Resource Service (YMCA

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City of Columbus logo

Columbus Public Health

Client Case Study In 2017, Measurement Resources Company (MRC) collaborated with Columbus Public Health, the City of Columbus and Mollard Consulting, to conduct a comprehensive primary care needs assessment. Columbus Public Health Implements Data-Driven Approach to Redefine Access to Primary Care In 2017, Measurement Resources Company (MRC) collaborated with Columbus Public Health, the City of

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Logo for Ohio Department of Health's Help Me Grow Program

Ohio Department of Health’s Help Me Grow Program

Client Case Study A total of 60 home visitors and 485 families were included in the study, which helped establish baselines for ongoing monitoring and metrics. While families reported high levels of satisfaction with the quality of the home visitors they interacted with, Measurement Resources isolated the precise characteristics that directly correlated to these high

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Mid-Ohio Foodbank

Client Case Study Using Measurement Resources’ Missing Meals Index, Mid-Ohio Foodbank and its partners can measure the meal gap over time and assess the impact of its response to hunger on those residents most in need of food assistance. Measurement Resources Develops Missing Meals Index for Mid-Ohio Foodbank Mid-Ohio Foodbank (now Mid Ohio Food Collective)

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Logo for So Others Might Eat

So Others Might Eat

Client Case Study So Others Might Eat (SOME) partnered with Measurement Resources to assess the opinions and attitudes of residents as it relates to their housing program activities, implementation, and effectiveness. The results of the study allowed SOME leaders to better understand residents’ experience with the program, identify key benefits of the supported housing model,

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Western Youth Services

Client Case Study Measurement Resources’ research calculated the social return on investment of Western Youth Services’ programs. When the youth in Anaheim County were served by Western Youth Services’ evidence- and school-based mental health program, it led to a community cost reduction of approximately 68 percent, or more than $31 million! For every $1 invested

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