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Want to be more effective at increasing organizational revenues, staff morale, positive press, operational efficiencies, and organizational culture and change?

Our clients did. Read on for some of their results and what they are saying about working with us.

Measurement Resources has helped Western Youth Services (WYS), a youth-serving mental health organization in California…read more

Mid-Ohio Foodbank is a high-performing organization who partnered with Measurement Resources to help them…read more

In 2016, Measurement Resources conducted an impact evaluation of So Others Might Eat’s (SOME) housing program…read more

Measurement Resources has partnered with the Ohio Department of Health to conduct several impact evaluations…read more

Measurement Resources Helps Ohio Department of Health Identify Factors for Increased Family Engagement in…read more

“Sheri Chaney Jones moved this agency from one with a focus on outputs to one that produced significant outcomes…read more

VSA Ohio (VSAO) is the state organization on arts and disability whose mission is to make the arts and arts education more…read more

From 2015–2017, YMCA Childcare Resource Service, a department of the YMCA of San Diego County, implemented two quality improvement programs toread more

In 2017, Measurement Resources Company collaborated with Columbus Public Health, the City of Columbus and…read more

In December 2018, The Matriots PAC released a new report detailing the current state of women in Ohio elected office…read more



Measurement Resources Company (MRC) works to track the progress of rural Ohio community’s work to reduce substance use primarily among youth…read more



“I can’t imagine implementing these programs without outside evaluation, and I have total trust in the work that MRC does,”…read more



Founded in 2010, the Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio (CPCO) provides affordable and appropriate pharmacy services…read more




In 2015, the Mid-Ohio Foodbank received a grant from the Laura and John Arnold Foundation by way of Feeding America,…read more




In early 2017, Equitas Health was seeking to explore how the organization’s investment in increasing the health literacy of their team members…read more