Impact Evaluation & Planning

Quantify unmet needs. Tap into new efficiencies.

Uncover your impact and social return on investment.

Evaluation should not be an event; it should be an invitation to reinvent.

We partner with organizations to ensure that evaluation is more than just collection and monitoring.  We help teams conduct an Impact Evaluation, a powerful evaluation and organizational advancement approach that answers the “what, why, and why not” questions that lead to deeper understanding and better outcomes.

Using best practice approaches, we create a comprehensive, cost-effective impact evaluation that will identify the internal and external factors that drive or limit the impact of your programs.  From market dynamics, to leadership, governance, and infrastructure, we help you understand the dynamics driving your current success as well as the factors limiting your ability to do even more.

Needs Assessments help high-impact organizations focus their efforts and resources on meeting the most pressing needs of the populations they serve.

Our communities are dynamic. A needs assessment is a systematic approach to understanding current and emerging needs, examining the nature and causes of shifts, and setting priorities for future action. Policies, programs, work systems, training programs, departments and services are all candidates for evaluation and assessment.  Our team can help you design a program, conduct the research, and collect the data that fits your unique needs. 

We provide the expertise and rigor to help you:

  • Evaluate the impact of a program, and assess results
  • Understand the outcomes, not just the outputs, of a service
  • Understand the benefits, and the limitations, of current or proposed policies
  • Calculate the cost and the returns to participants, stakeholders, and funders
  • Identify how to make your most effective programs deliver even greater impact

Our team delivers a continuum of evaluation and needs assessment services. We can provide individualized technical assistance in designing your own evaluation, or we can conduct a full-scale independent evaluation. 

Services include:

  • Evaluation services
  • Logic model creation
  • Needs assessments
  • Survey development and analysis
  • Social Return on Investment (SROI) Calculations

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