High-Performance Leadership

Create high-performance teams.

Build a high-performance measurement culture.

Successful leaders use data to guide their plans and evaluate their progress. But high-impact leaders do more. They use data and measurement to empower their teams. They actively build a high-performance measurement culture.

High-performance organizations align their policies, infrastructure, and rewards systems to put their metrics and data into action.  Their leaders have their finger on the pulse of both external and internal factors, continually refining and adapting their programs and practices to respond to new data and emerging needs. High-impact leaders help staff and stakeholders understand what is happening in their communities, why it is happening, what their organization is doing in response, and to lead.

Many leaders start down the path of building a data-driven culture, but fall short.  Staff resistance, fear, or lack of preparation derail the transition. Sometimes a lack of understanding of the organization’s current culture or own leadership competencies limit success.

We help leaders understand and overcome these challenges.

Our capacity-building programs guide leaders and teams as they implement “the 5 C’s” of performance measurement to break down “silos” and focus the organization’s energy, talent, and resources on growing mission outcomes.

High-Performance Leadership Development

We have developed a set of high-performance leadership services to help leaders assess their strengths and identify growth opportunities.  These leadership services build on our high-performance measurement program so leaders can unite organizational goals with their unique leadership style to create a culture of impact and excellence.

Services include:

  • Organizational culture assessments
  • Client and staff satisfaction surveys
  • Customized 360 degree leadership assessments
  • Individual development plans
  • Senior leadership coaches
  • Team strengths reports and growth plans

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