High-Performance Measurement Framework

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Measure for Impact

The most successful government and nonprofit organizations are data-driven. They use measurement to discover and deliver new value for their communities and their funders. Not satisfied with using data to simply measure outputs or track progress, the best managed organizations turn data into outcomes. They use data and measurement to set better strategies, align their teams, and build compelling fundraising campaigns.

Despite these benefits, research reveals that just 24 percent of social sector organizations say they have a robust outcome measurement system in place.

Why not? Many organizations tell us that they are not sure where to start. Others fear measurement will increase expenses or require too much time to implement and maintain from their already stretched staff and resources.

By working with clients for over a decade, Measurement Resources has developed a methodology and implementation approach that removes these barriers, helping organizations get started quickly and economically. Rather than demanding more, our processes help managers utilize their data to deliver more. We help organizations focus their resources, energy, and time on the activities and measures that matter most.