Columbus Public Health Implements Data-Driven Approach to Redefine Access to Primary Care

In 2017, Measurement Resources Company (MRC) collaborated with Columbus Public Health, the City of Columbus and Mollard Consulting, to conduct a comprehensive primary care needs assessment. With the goal of developing strategies and data-driven recommendations that assure continued primary care medical services for Columbus’ estimated 50,000 uninsured residents, and many more underinsured residents, MRC’s findings helped shape the development and allocation of resources to address this community need.

From identifying barriers to accessing primary care to understanding the volume of charity care that Federally Qualified Health Centers provide ($10.2 million in 2016 alone), data from stakeholders and survey participants surfaced these areas of concern related to residents’ ability to access primary care: community education, transportation, patient experience and cultural competency and the need to leverage existing resources and explore funding collaboration.

The insights gathered from the initial Current State assessment were the bases for many strategic meetings, and together, the stakeholders developed a strategic vision and outlined four key strategic focus areas with detailed, data-driven recommendations, which would help unify efforts and align resources. This plan will be implemented over the next three years, as Columbus Public Health works to redefine the future access to primary care on behalf of all Columbus residents.

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