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MRC Measures Performance of New Programs

From 2015–2017, YMCA Childcare Resource Service (YMCA CRS), a department of the YMCA of San Diego County, implemented two quality improvement programs to provide resources, such as training and coaching, to Family Child Care providers. YMCA CRS selected Measurement Resources Company (MRC) to provide an external assessment and evaluate the overall impact and quality of these programs.  YMCA CRS, with the support from the California Department of Education via the San Diego County Office of Education, and the United Way of San Diego County, developed these programs to improve Child Care Providers’ knowledge, to ultimately improve the quality of the environments and interactions in the Family Child Care Homes, so that more children ages zero to five have the supports they need to develop appropriately and thrive. The evaluation indicated both areas where the programs helped achieve significant and positive outcomes, as well as opportunities for further programmatic improvements to advance providers’ ongoing professional development.  MRC also provided a framework for the YMCA CRS team members to continuously improve the impact and quality of the programs. From refining and aligning the coaching content to quality measures, the organization is now better equipped to focus on the characteristics that will result in generating the most impact. The assessment also helped pinpoint where there were gaps in the content that could easily be integrated throughout the programs.  Read the report.
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