Maintaining a high-performance measurement culture can be challenging, particularly during a recession and other significant events that result in massive disruptions to your nonprofit’s operations. But the most successful social sector leaders are relentless—refusing to allow difficult circumstances derail their organizations’ pursuit of achieving the best outcomes possible on behalf of their participants. Many organizations today are facing staff and resource shortages, while attempting to pivot their strategic approaches. And until conditions improve, many team members are doing double-duty, and organizations are in search of temporary solutions that will enable the organization to survive, without sacrificing quality in terms of the delivery of critical programs and services. By making a commitment to high-performance, your organization’s conditions will improve, which is critical throughout the duration of a recession and beyond.

How Outsourcing Performance Measurement Can Drive Mission Impact
Similar to outsourcing business functions such as accounting and IT, Measurement Resources Company provides high-performance measurement services on a regular basis for its clients. For a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time analyst, clients have access to our team members, who provide reporting, feedback, and guidance. By consistently delivering these services without wasting valuable resources, your organization can enjoy the continuity of applying key performance and outcome data. Below are a few additional ways this type of relationship might be beneficial to your organization, as you work to prioritize high performance in a recession.

Anticipate and Preempt Challenges
Because of our more than 10 years of experience working with social sector organizations nationwide, many of whom share similarities to your organization, whether in size, stage of development, or mission, our consultants can rapidly interpret data to help your organization anticipate future needs. Having a dedicated expert monitoring your organization’s data allows you to foresee many challenges, which could have a detrimental impact on your organization. Whether it’s related to your organization’s reputation or trust, the quality of your services, an increase in participants’ needs, or even life-or-death scenarios of participants, managing crises comes with a cost. Having the ability to prepare for these crises in advance, or better yet, avert them altogether, saves lives, time and money.

Improve Your Performance
Measurement Resources has helped hundreds of organizations develop customized strategies for teams to easily assess and analyze organizational data, and to develop action plans for continuous improvement. By providing business intelligence, acting as a trusted advisor, and offering fresh perspectives, our team members can ask the right questions and provide additional recommendations to help you think about the steps you need to take to improve your programs and services. Through our partnerships with social sector organizations, our clients are empowered with the knowledge of which strategies and programs are effective, so that your organization can accelerate reaching the full potential of your mission promise.

Eliminates the Risk of Making Hasty Hiring Decisions
Outsourcing performance measurement is an economical way to bridge the gap until your organization has both the need to warrant a full-time staff person, along with the resources to fund it. For organizations just beginning with performance measurement, it’s also helpful to have Measurement Resources’ build out the framework from which you can define the role a future team member might fulfill to continue this important work. Read this earlier blog post to see how this approach was a game-changer for our client.

What Makes Measurement Resources’ Offering Unique
From recurring sessions for reviewing and interpreting performance measurement results to helping organizations use data to continuously evolve and improve the quality of their programs, our fractional performance measurement service allows social sector professionals to fully focus on capitalizing on their core competencies to deliver on their mission. And, Measurement Resources’ professionals can also help hold leadership teams more accountable by bringing unbiased perspectives, and they can help ensure that you are focused on the right data that will generate the most value possible.

Measurement Resources invites you and your organization to keep high performance central by engaging in our fractional performance measurement service. Please reach out to schedule a call with us, so that we can explore our future partnership together.