To help you get ahead on your New Year’s resolutions by catching up on what’s happening in the social sector, we have compiled our top 10 most-read articles according to our analytics. We’re grateful for  your readership, and hope to continue to improve upon the types of content and stories we share with you in 2020 and beyond.

Here are the 10 articles that got the most clicks from you and your peers. We hope these short stories will help to inspire your 2020 strategies around using data and high-performing practices to accelerate social change.

10. Measurement Resources’ Program Evaluation for VSA Ohio: Data and Storytelling Result in 360-degree Impact Report
9. Data-Driven Methods to Enhance Stakeholder Trust and Transparency
8. Tips for Navigating the Messy Middle for Successful Outcomes
7. Collective Impact with Equity at the Core
6. Case Study: Equitas Health Selects Measurement Resources Company
5. How Outsourced Performance Management Reduced Recidivism to Homelessness
4. Data-Driven Strategic Planning Moves Missions Farther Faster
3. South Side Thrive Collaborative: Collective Impact Initiative Brings Together 40+ Organizations to Drive Lasting Social Change
2. Why Needs Assessments are Critical to Solving Complex Social Problems
1. Equitable Housing in Central Ohio: Redefining Affordability for All

If you are struggling with or curious about specific topics such as data, research, program evaluation, developing and nurturing high-performing cultures, or measurement strategies related to your organization’s unique social impact, we would very much like to hear them. We are currently building out our editorial calendar, and we would love to have your input. There are so many nuances to the work that we do, but our team is excellent at breaking things down into manageable components for our clients and partner organizations.

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